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Scenic Driving Tours


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Kawartha Lakes, Ontario


Kawartha Lakes Scenic Driving Tours

To fully appreciate the rural countryside, you must travel the many back roads that crisscross Kawartha Lakes.  Every stretch of road linking our quaint communities offers spectacular vistas, neat farms, meandering creeks and lakefront views, and more shades of blazing colour than you ever thought possible.


- From Lindsay, take Highway 7 west to Elm Tree Road.  Turn right and go north through rich farms bordered by ancient trees; if you like, take a side trip to the right when you see the signs for the Amish bakery.  Continue north until you reach Glenarm Road, and turn left.

- When you see a sign for Kirkfield Road turn right, which takes you to Kirkfield.  Watch boats in the historic lift lock - Lock 36 located a little north of the village.

-Return to Kirkfield and turn west onto Portage Road following it until you reach Centennial Park Road.

- Turn right and continue north over the Canal Lake Concrete Arch Bridge, which Parks Canada has designated a national historic site, then retrace your route back to Portage Road continuing west, where you'll turn south on K.L. Road#46.  Follow this route through Argyle and Lorneville and end your trip in Woodville, or continue south to Highway 7, where you can turn left and head east back to Lindsay.


- Start in Omemee and take Ski Hill Road south out of the village, watching for turtles on the road.

- When you reach a T, turn right and continue west on Highway 7A through Bethany to Highway 35.

- Turn right and head north on the highway, then east on Lifford Road with its beautiful old stone houses.  Stretch your legs at the historic Lifford Cemetery on the right, then turn north on St. Mary's Road, which offers lovely pastoral views at the top of each hill.

- When you come to a T intersection at Mount Horeb Road, you have several options.  Turn left and continue west to Highway 35, which takes you north into Lindsay or turn right, which takes you past Windy Ridge Conservation Area and connects with Highway 7 just west of Omemee.  Or turn right and then take the first quick left on Hillhead Road through more pretty farm country.  Turn right at the stop sign and then go left on Highway 7 to Lindsay or right to Omemee.


- Starting from Bobcaygeon, take the main street northeast to K.L. Road #49.  The increasingly frequent outcroppings of rock signify the end of the fertile farmland to the south.  In fall, stands of scarlet maples, yellow poplars, rusty oaks and green cedars make this drive especially lovely.

- When you come to a T intersection at K.L. Road #121, veer right and head into Kinmount, where you'll turn left on Monck Road, through old farmsteads and parts of the Somerville Tract of forest.

- At Norland, turn right onto Highway 35 and watch for a sign on your right to Elliot Falls, site of a lovely picnic area, former generating station and the falls themselves, as well as a geocaching location.

- Return to Highway 35 and turn south, ending your trip at Rosedale, the gateway to Balsam Lake.


- Take Highway 7 southeast from Lindsay, and turn east on Tracey's Hill Road.  If traffic permits, pause at the top of the hill to admire the farmland falling away from you on three sides.

- Make a left when you reach the stop sign at Sturgeon Point.

- Turn right on Pigeon Lake Road, which takes you right along its namesake lake and past the Lakeview Arts Barn.

- Turn right when the road ends at K.L. Road #36 and while away a few hours in Bobcaygeon.

- Take K.L. Road #8, west out of the village and follow the signs down K.L. Road #30, to Sturgeon Point.  This longstanding cottage community is a summer home for many of Toronto's oldest families.  Be sure to visit the famous octagonal church.

- Head back out the way you came, and continue west on #8 to Fenelon Falls.

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